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Gazette sales

gazette sales @ lj

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All Members , Moderated

Hello, and welcome to gazette_sales.
This community was created to collect all sales posts containing items related to the GazettE to make it easier for people to find them and so they won't flood other communities.

Your mods are kotsurin, six_ugly, yoroshikubitch and uppersrisky.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the mods if you have any questions. Suggestions to make the community better can be posted here.
*Please note that none of the moderators bear any responsibility for the members of this community or the items sold here.


01 Every post must include at least one the GazettE item. If you link to another homepage outside of LJ or a personal journal, you must link directly to the GazettE items. Sales posts that do not link to a Gazette sale will be deleted without further notice.

02 At least one clear picture is required for each item as proof of ownership (this also counts for sales posts made on personal LJs or other sites).

03 Use common sense for how much information you leave outside the LJ-cut (to avoid pagestretching). Preferably a few short lines about what you're selling, plus a picture (no bigger than 400x400px). All other content (items, ToS, etc) must be posted behind an LJ-cut. Make your cut text as informative as possible. This also counts if you link to your personal journal. Also, please don't forget to fill out the title.

04 You are allowed to post one preview picture (not bigger than 400x400px) outside the cut.

05 You may post to this community once every three days (meaning once every 72 hours).

06 All posts should be members locked.

07 Please tag your entries.

08 Trade posts must be clearly indicated as such in the title or LJ cut. Trade posts are done at your own risk.


Buyers are encouraged to leave feedback, as this will be helpful for other buyers later.
General info: One of the mods will automatically set up a profile for you in g_s_feedback when you post to this community.
Leaving feedback: Please follow the rules stated on g_s_feedback's profile before posting your feedback.